Monday, May 24, 2004

things i don't want to forget...
From the movie "Music From Another Room"

'...only now, that I know true love and passion, do I know no fear...'

And so, with this premise whenever you are engaged in doing something or engaged with people where there is no passionate love, you hold some level of fear and, ultimately do not live to your potential. It is only when you fully embrace passionate love that true happiness exists.

a waning day's haste + the waxing dark night = teetering & imobile
Monday, May 17, 2004 - about 9pm

I needed to drop off the diamonds to my sister's house tonight. The road was dimly lit and the pre-summer sun just extinguished by the starry night. I rounded the corner of a heavily constructed road. Orange markers and pylons were scattered and disorganized. The haste of the workers' waning day played havoc with my vision as I steered into trouble. The paved road quickly disappeared into the uneven rocky terrain jumbling the convertible. After the moment of surprise had passed and logic set in I noticed the path I should be on was directly to my right. It was simple, I would drive towards it and I would be back on track. However, the dimly lit night and the unleveled ground masked a six inch curb. My front-wheel drive axle was now teetering helplessly. I couldn't move forward. I couldn't move backward. Now, I was in a situation I couldn't get myself out of without the help of my cell phone. My fingers barely started dialing for a tow truck when a woman in a white SUV was coming down the dark road I needed to go. She stopped and asked if she could help. I told her I would call for a tow and that her help wasn't necessary. She analyzed my situation atop her high profile and claimed she could simply push me out of my troubles. She was sure of it and besides she was not going to leave me out in the night by myself. As she pulled forward to U-turn another white SUV pulled up. A husband and wife samaritan asked if I was okay and that they, too, would help even though I assured them the SUV rounding the turn was already postioning itself to help me. They, too insisted on staying to help. These three good samaritans surveyed my situation analyzing the best way to release me. They tried pushing from behind to get my car up and over its teetering position but the rear would not budge forward, nor lift. Unanimously the agreed the least amount of weight was in the front and pushed my car backwards. The car easily lifted and rolled back onto the rocky terrain. Momentary relief set in as I sat in my car back on more leveled ground. I turned the key, complete relief came as the engine started as faithfully as it usually did. My samaritans waited and guided me as I reversed myself slowly off the rocky terrain back onto the paved road. They rearranged the markers and blocked off the road so no other traveler this night would fall into trouble. I was on the wrong path and helped back onto the path towards my destination within a quarter of an hour's time. My car and I inconvenienced emotionally and suffered not at all. My precious cargo delivered safely.